What’s StyleWriter 4?

And, What Is It Good For?!

EverythingEverything you want your readers to understand. StyleWriter 4 
is proofreading and editing software that helps you write in plain English.

What Does StyleWriter Do?

StyleWriter reviews your text and highlights what might confuse your readers.

Then, it shows you how to say it more clearly.

Here, watch a couple of robots (don't you love text-to-speech?) show how they
use StyleWriter on their writing. And then – against all odds – fall in love!

StyleWriter Slashes Your Long Sentences

The longer the sentence the harder it is for your readers to understand. 

Which way is easier:

  • “This sentence expresses itself by utilizing complicated words with an
    abundant number of syllables, is communicated in the passive voice,
    and is 
    overly long relative to the point it desires to make.”  [33 words], OR
  • “This sentence uses complex words, too many syllables, and the passive 
    voice. It takes too long to make its point."  [20 words]

After StyleWriter highlights sentences running over 20 words, you can shorten
them. Or, break them into separate sentences. If you keep running it on everything 
you write, you'll notice your sentences getting shoter and shorter. 

Turns Passive into Active

The “passive” voice forces your readers to think harder to understand what
you mean. The “active” voice, makes your writing lively, direct, and personal.
It also cuts your sentences by 20 to 30 percent!

  • It was agreed by the committee... [Passive voice], OR
  • The committee agreed... [Active voice]

Cuts Through Awkward and Difficult Text

It highlights words and phrases that slow your readers down. It either gives
you clearer word choices. Or, suggests you delete them.

These include:

Complex Words:

Replace complex words with simpler, more common ones. This helps you write
more clearly, so your readers can focus on your message.

  • "Please endeavor to ascertain the truth.", OR
  • "Please try to find out the truth."

Abstract Words:

Replace words that don’t add to the meaning, with more specific ones.

  • Abstract: "To use this facility, one writes and saves an appropriate
    functional script into a system which is capable of sending the file to
    an output device.", OR
  • Specific: "To print a file, write and save a script to send the file to the

Legal Words:

Legal language may confuse many of us. StyleWriter helps you replace legal
jargon with simpler, more familiar words.

  • "The above-mentioned parties agree to...", OR
  • "Mr. James and Ms. Smith agree to...

Wordy Phrases:

Getting rid of unnecessary words makes your sentences shorter and your
meaning clearer. StyleWriter highlights redundant phrases and offers you
shorter, simpler alternatives.

  • "In order to...", OR
  • "To...


Overusing qualifying words weakens your writing. StyleWriter suggests you
can delete them without losing meaning or emphasis.

  • "It is completely unnecessary...", OR
  • "It is unnecessary..."

In short, StyleWriter makes your writing EASIER-to-understand.

Simon Says it Simply...

With StyleWriter.

As you listen to each of the following, which do YOU find easiest to understand?

Hey, What About Turning Boring into I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g?

StyleWriter 4 now has a “Pep Index”. It tells you what things make your writing
more interesting. It highlights certain words and sentences that makes writing
more FUN-to-read, such as:

  • Names
  • Interesting choice of words
  • Variations in sentence lengths
  • Conversational expressions, including:
  • Personal pronouns
  • Contractions
  • Direct questions (1 to 10 words)
  • Short sentences (1 to 5 words)

With this unique plain English proofreading and editing software, you get BOTH:
Clear and Interesting!

Now  you have the opportunity to try StyleWriter on YOUR OWN writing, for
2 weeks.

Click here to get your FREE download, and be a Readable WriterTODAY

After you edit using StyleWriter, read your text aloud to hear how much
clearer it sounds.

Here's an O-l-d StyleWriter infomercial that shows a much earlier version.

The newer StyleWriter 4, helps you make your writing even MORE readable.
[One of the funniest videos I've seen.]

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