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OK, ready for your first CHALLENGE?

CHALLENGE #101 – To Get You Started...

The following example is from the book The Art of Readable Writing, 
by Rudolf Flesch.


“Such grievance shall be submitted to such impartial umpire in writing 
and he shall promptly afford to the Employee or Employees concerned, 
the Union and the Company, a reasonable opportunity to present evidence 
and to be heard in support of their respective positions with regard to 
such grievance.”

After running the text through Word’s Readability Statistics:

Flesch Reading Ease: 11.8 – “Very Difficult”

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 23.5 – 23rd grade (Requires about 12 years 
of higher education to comprehend!)

StyleWriter’s “Bog” Readability Index: 152 – “Dreadful”


Once again, I’ll go first:

“You need to send a written complaint to our mediator, Sam Jones. 
As soon as Sam gets it, he’ll give everyone a chance to tell their side of 
the story.”

Flesch Reading Ease: 84.6 – “Easy”

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 5.3 – (5th grade level)

StyleWriter′s Bog Index: 0 – “Excellent”

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Who’s going second?

C’mon, it’ll be fun!

Benedict Paul:

Hi Dan.

Here’s my take:

“Got a complaint? Write John Doe, our troubleshooter. You can count 
on him to respect your side of the story.”

Take care.




Wow! Now YOU’RE in first place!

Here are your scores:

Flesch Reading Ease: 90.0 – “Very Easy”

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 2.3 – (2nd grade level)

StyleWriter′s Bog Index: 0 – “Excellent”

And, of course, you also made it interesting!

Thanks for participating and showing how it’s done!

Who’s going next?



I’m going to try, before viewing any other answers. I would say:

“Please send a complaint in writing, which will be shared with all concerned 
parties for discussion.”



Not bad!

Here are your results:

Flesch Reading Ease: 74.2 – “Fairly Easy”

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 6.8 – (6th grade level)

StyleWriter′s Bog Index: 46 – “Average”

According to StyleWriter, you can bump your score up to “Excellent” if you 
change the passive “will be shared” to, for example, “we’ll share”.

Thanks for showing how to make the point in a single — short — sentence.



This is great! I enjoyed this session. Once again Dan, great site and 
format! thanks.


Got a grievance? Type your frustration into an email and send it to (insert name). You will be listened to. Best of all, you’ll receive a response letting you know the next step to take.



Another winner!

You score:

Flesch Reading Ease: 89.1 – “Easy”

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 2.9 – (2nd grade level)

StyleWriter′s Bog Index: 0 – “Excellent”

Who else wants to take a crack at this?


Sue Ann Painter:

Good concept. But you have a typo in book reference. Comma goes inside ” mark. Better yet, put the title in italics.




I should know better! I used your italics suggestion.


How about taking the CHALLENGE?


Martin Mayhew:

Send your complaints in writing and all concerned parties will review 
your grievance.



Yet another winner!

Your scores are:

Flesch Reading Ease: 69.7 – “Standard”

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 6.7 – (6th grade level)

StyleWriter′s Bog Index: 5 – “Excellent”

Carol Robinson:

Here’s my take on it, trying to stick to the original intent as closely as 

“Submit your complaint to [name], who will then bring together 
representatives of the relevant groups to discuss a solution.”



First, thanks for participating!

Not bad. You made it much clearer!

Here are your scores:

Flesch Reading Ease: 45.0 – “Difficult”

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 11.6 – (11th grade level)

StyleWriter′s Bog Index: 36 – “Good”

If you shorten some of the long-syllable words like “representatives” and 
“relevant”, you can make it even clearer. Would you like to take another 
crack at this?

Thanks again!


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