The Art of Readable Writing
by Rudolf Flesch

The Art of Readable Writing by Rudolf Flesch

Probably the best book on plain English. I once took a class in business writing.
This was the ONLY textbook.

Actually, that's not true. The other textbooks were... 
anything else by Rudolf Flesch. But, in my opinion, this one's his best. 

Sadly, ALL of Flesch's books, aside from his famous: "Why Johnny Can't Read?,"
are out of print. Yes, Kindle too! However, you can still read it online here.

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Simon Cites Flesch

Getting back to The Art of Readable Writing, I'd like give you a taste of what
the book's about. So, I convinced my good friend Simon to read you a few
choice quotes.

Click on all of them. C'mon, Simon's waiting! 

[Make sure to open your speakers.]

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