The Flesch Reading Ease Score 
Your 1st Step

First, use the Flesch Reading Ease Score and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
to see if your text is HARD to understand.

Then, StyleWriter 4 tells you how to make it EASIER.

Introducing the Readable Writing CHALLENGE!

In each of these plain-English CHALLENGEs, I'll post 100 to 200 words
of HARD-to-understand text.

YOUR job is, of course, to make it Easier. Clearer. Interesting.

We’ll test each writing sample against two sets of statistics:

  • Microsoft Word's Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and Flesch Reading
    Ease Score, AND –
  • StyleWriter 4's Readability Scores

How Do You Win?

Your goal is to get your:

  • Flesch Reading Ease score up above 60
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score below a 9th-grade level

After you've downloaded StyleWriter 4, your goal is to make ALL your
scores "Excellent"!

When was the Last Time You had this Much Fun?

I’ll go first.

Sample Challenge

I’ll use the example from the home page:


“This sentence expresses itself by utilizing complicated words with an 
abundant number of syllables, is communicated in the passive voice, 
and is overly long relative to the point it desires to make.”

After running the text through Word’s Readability Statistics:

  • Flesch Reading Ease: 23.6 – “Very Difficult
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 17.9 – Requires about 18 years of school 
    to comprehend!

StyleWriter called it “Dreadful”. It suggested changing the following 
words and phrases:

  • Complex Words: utilizingabundant, overly, and desires
  • Wordy Phrases: relative to
  • Passive verbs: is communicated
  • Long Sentences: 32 words

“This sentence expresses itself by utilizing complicated words with an 
abundant number of syllables, is communicated in the passive voice, 
and is overly long relative to the point it desires to make.”


Here’s one way to make the text easier-to read:

“This sentence uses complex words, too many syllables, and the passive 
voice. Also, it takes too long to make its point.”

Word’s Readability Statistics:

  • Flesch Reading Ease: 79.3 – “Fairly Easy
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 4.8 – Requires a 4th to 5th grade 
    education to understand

StyleWriter now calls it “Good“.

No long sentences!
No awkward and difficult text!
No passive verbs!

READABLE writing.

Now, it’s YOUR Turn! The best way to get good at plain English is
to practice. And, as you keep doing the CHALLENGEs, your grasp
of plain English grows.


Go straight to CHALLENGE #101. I'm waiting for you there.