Do You Really Rely on Your
Spelchecker *
for Writing CLEARLY?

Like many, I use it all the time. But does it check if you're writing clearly?
Not misunderstood?

Before I answer that, I’ll tell you what it can do. It can keep you from making 
careless mistakes. Especially typos. Because, even though you know how to
spell a word, sometimes your fingers just type it wrong!

* I know, a typo. I did this on purpose. You've got a good eye for details.

But, What About Writing CLEARLY?

Can your spellchecker make readers understand what you want to say?


What's wrong with this:

“This sentence expresses itself by utilizing complicated words with an abundant
number of syllables, is communicated in the passive voice, and is overly long
relative to the point it desires to make.”

Nothing's Wrong!

No typos. No grammar issues.

Slides right under your spellchecker's nose.

Now, want to read an entire book written like this?

Maybe Not

Your spellchecker simply helps you write correctly. But not necessarily clearly. 

The E-mail that No One Understood!

As you're watching this short video, you'll soon see Bill's problem:

Is Bill to Blame?

It's not his fault. This is the way they taught us in school. They taught us to
sound smart. If no one understands us, that's their problem. 

So, What's the Answer to Writing Clearly?

Simply, writing in... plain English! 

What’s that? Go to Step #2: What is Plain English?